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My wife Carolyn & I have known Adam for a few years now. We first met Adam when we started searching for our retirement home which at that time was at least two years away. When we told Adam this, he was fine and seemed genuinely interested in finding us our “dream” home. As he got to know our tastes, he only showed us homes we would like and homes in nice neighborhoods too. He was always very honest and genuine with his feedback. Prior to meeting Adam, I had a very poor impression of Real Estate Agents and Brokers as I always thought they were more interested in their commission check and not in what their clients wanted. Now, I know that people like Adam do exist and I’m thankful he’s in this industry to help his clients. 
Finally, after our new home closed, Adam worked tirelessly to market and sell our home in Renton even though it meant a long drive. He did a fantastic job and as a result, we received and accepted a very good offer on our home. 
Stan & Carolyn Cornish 

"Adam Crocker is my go to Real Estate Broker since he first sold my first investment home in 2014. He then helped me buy my second investment property and was there during the whole process giving recommendations and doing what he needed to do to help get it ready & sell for top dollar. He is very diligent, good in communication and was there every step of the way. I’m very grateful for his expertise which brought us in a great offer, his work ethic and being an overall great down to earth guy who really cared about helping me! I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to sell their property. I know he will do an outstanding job for you and you’ll be glad you choose to work with him!"

Kimo Lemn

“I found Adam after searching the internet when we knew our move across the country was coming soon.  We spoke on the telephone about my family’s need to quickly find a house after arrival.  Three months later we were closing on a house that my wife and kids love.  I am so glad I listened to his wise guidance.  Adam is kind, personable, and attentive to his client’s needs.  A great guy providing knowledgeable professional service.”
Dave Palay

"Our realtor was phenomenal. Adam was on our side from the beginning of the adventure that was the buying of the house… He helped us find everyone from our loan officer to roofers and general contractors. If there were any questions, he took phone calls, text messages, and emails right away. I doubt we had to wait more than an hour at the longest to get a response. Our loan ended up changing halfway through so more paperwork got generated and he was able to explain each step and document thoroughly. Hopefully, we won’t have to buy or sell anytime soon, but if we do I know that we are in good hands with Adam and his talented team!"
Josh & Tarin Thomas

"As a first time buyer, the things that stood out most about working with Adam to find our new home was that he was always available, he bent over backwards for us, and was always friendly. Definitely someone I would recommend to anyone buying a property."
Don Sartain

"Adam is exceptional and I absolutely recommend him! We were looking for an older home with character and a slew of other criteria. He showed us many houses, some remodeled and some "vintage". Adam's background includes electrical work and he pointed out areas of concern in several homes. As a result, we knew before placing an offer and getting an inspection that the electrical panel needed to be replaced and had a ballpark idea of the cost. There were a few others we considered but didn't bother getting an inspection because the repairs/upgrades needed would have put it out of our budget. His knowledge saved us the expense of multiple disappointing inspections. 
Adam made the experience fun; he was enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and helped us make an informed decision! We absolutely love our super cute 1955 home, and he was as excited as us when we got it :)"
Chris & Heather Schmidt

"Thank you SO much Adam for helping us find and obtain OUR VERY FIRST HOUSE! Still sounds surreal! We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication working besides us to get this house! You were "right there" everytime we had any questions, needs, and wants concerning the process of getting a home. We wish you many years of prosperous business and will recommend you to anyone we come across looking for a home! Thanks again!"
Corey and Jessica Snyder

"Adam is the best realtor I have ever dealt with. He was always there for us; after work, on the weekends, throughout closing and after; he always made himself available to us. I can't even begin to explain how hard this guy worked for us. He is passionate, kindhearted, truthful, and an open person. We recommend him to everyone we know. Good job Adam! And thank you for helping us find our amazing home."
Ricardo & Rhonda Garibay

"Adam Crocker was a really great realtor. He helped me so much when I was buying my first home. He was extremely patient with me and really seemed to genuinely cared about what I wanted in a home. He was able to answer most of my questions and was very knowledgeable. He was really a great guy!!"
Disa Harris

"We just moved to the Seattle area from Salt Lake City.  We didn't know the area.  Adam made the process of finding and buying a home easy.  He was patient with us because we had to find a house that met our special needs due to our health problems.  The whole process, including funding, went quick with his expert help.  We feel very good about recommending his service."
Von & Cindy Jensen